3 dating challenges short guys

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“I would go out all the time and find only one or two guys that I considered prospects because of my ‘height restriction,’” says Sarah, 5’10”, of Reading, MA.“I was only looking for guys 6’1” and over, because it just seems more natural for the man to be taller.” Of course, we we should give shorter guys a chance, but it’s tough to change your own perception (let alone society’s) that the guy should tower over his gal.Unexpected upside: You learn to stop caring what other people think Know that phrase “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”?

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“You grow up with this notion that the man should be bigger than the woman so he can protect her,” explains Erin, 26, 6’2”, of Richmond, VA.

Unexpected upside: Tall women learn to recognize what makes a relationship work While tastes and attraction are hard to change, sooner or later, many tall women are forced to accept a valuable truth that often eludes other daters: that they should jettison the more superficial traits on their “wish list” for a partner — whether that’s being 6’2”, having a full head of hair or possessing six-pack abs.

But we had a real connection, and I know now that’s what counts.” the fact that you’ve got some inches on him. For starters, walk into a room arm in arm and you’re bound to get some odd looks. He said it didn’t matter to him, but people couldn’t help but comment on it and make some pretty embarrassing jokes,” says Richelle.

“Once, we were asked if he stood on the curb to kiss me!

“My husband is really the one that made me start to embrace my height,” says Erin.

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