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He used adaptive equipment that allowed him to ski sitting down, and because Phillip's hands and arms were weak, Rodriguez wanted to tie the ski to the boat so that Phillip would not have to hang on to the rope and pull himself up out of the water when the boat started moving. In addition, parents and teachers report the children are less likely to be depressed and often show improvement in behavior, academics, and social interaction.The study also indicated that many parents noted a decrease in secondary health complications when their children became less sedentary.Activities include camping, sailing, kayaking, snow boarding, snowmobiling, cycling for the whole family, riding on a personal watercraft, boating, mountain biking, and fishing.

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According to NCPAD, there are three kinds of exercise, and all are important: While safety concerns always come first, and good coaches are essential in any competitive sport for the disabled, parents must sometimes fight the urge to over-protect their children, Miller says. She admits she worried when her daughter's coach decided to remove "anti-tipping" devices from her wheelchair because they made the chair less maneuverable.

Fitness is important for everyone, and dont set the bar lower for a kid with a disability," Miller said. and lose and win just like everybody else." Adapted sports can include swimming, weight lifting, horseback riding, playing wheelchair basketball, throwing or "blowing" darts, riding a bicycle with hand pedals, or using an arm ergometer, which is similar to a stationary bicycle but is pedaled with the hands.

For instance, in "sitting" volleyball , the ball is allowed to bounce twice instead of once.

When Rodriguez went to work with Disabled Sports USA, Far West, in Alpine Meadows, California, twenty-five years ago, the organization had very little adaptive sports equipment: one sit ski, two pairs of outriggers (akin to a forearm crutch, used in snow skiing by a person who can't hold himself up), and a blind bib (worn by a blind skier to alert the people around him of his handicap).

" -- Nelson Mandela at the opening of the first annual South African Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp in Johannesburg, December 1995, met him, he was already "very, very disabled," she said in a recent interview. Special equipment has been developed for sports such as water skiing, cycling, snow skiing -- even hockey -- and the Paralympics allow the disabled to compete with people who have the same abilities and limitations.

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