Chloe green dating ollie and spencer siviete dating

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Chas begins her revenge by doing "little things" but later decides to "up her game and to start playing really dirty".

Pargeter said that Chas can not decide whether she will go through with her revenge or if she would instead forgive Carl and marry him.

Obviously Lexi knows that Carl killed his father, but she doesn't know that Chas was the reason. I think rather than being backed into a corner, part of Carl thinks that if Chas has knocked him back, he'll try and do right by Lexi".

Lister told Kris Green of Digital Spy that Carl enters the relationship with the best intentions instead of "wishing he was with Chas all the time" who will always be in the "background".

The actor said that viewers would be unsure whether Carl would go through with the wedding to Lexi or whether Carl would instead reunite with Chas.

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