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Republicans in the House are trying to determine if Lerner's division acted on its own or if coordinated with the White House.They are also trying to find out if the IRS attempted to engage in a cover up of the inappropriate activity before government investigators got involved.

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While she and John had been in Canada, Elizabeth Weir had left the outpost and returned to Colorado.

They hadn’t even found a place to crash after their arrival before they’d gotten an earful about her attempts to interfere in the expedition organization.

One email between a Treasury inspector involved in the investigation and Lerner from early 2013 show that the former IRS official tried to convince investigators that the actions of a Cincinnati division of the IRS only 'appeared to be politically motivated' but weren't.'I am willing to take the blame for having not provided sufficient direction initially, which may have resulted in front line staff doing things that appeared to be politically motivated,' she told Treasury's Troy Paterson in a January 31 email, 'but I am not on board that anything occurred here shows that the IRS was politically motivated in the actions taken.' Lerner opined in the email that Treasury investigators were being 'too narrow in their view and have decided that because of the language used in our earlier [Be On The Lookout List] regarding Tea Party, everything that followed was tainted.'She says the IRS already 'owned up' to the fact that the Cincinnati office was 'struggling' to determine which applications should be subject to additional reviews and had sent a team out to train them earlier that month.

Furthermore, Lerner states that Treasury officials expressed to her that her department's criteria for evaluating groups 'sounds reasonable.' However, 'they seem to be saying that reasonableness is overshadowed by the fact that the criteria look bad to folks on the outside, so there is no way we could cure the initial bad impression.''We understand why the criteria might raise questions,' she admitted but claimed that investigators could not provide her a 'clear definition of what they meant by targeting' and told her their investigation wasn't necessarily about political targeting. John Mc Cain, right, on Capitol Hill in April of 2013.

The emails were part of a document dump made by the Democratically-controlled Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last week, headed by Sen.

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