Row cannot be located for updating delphi

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You can get this message if another user changes the record you need to modify or if a field is modified by the database like when you use a trigger. COM When I want to Post I received often this Message Any idea Why ? Exception: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.1 Date : Sat, -0400 2.2 Address: 4033E94C 2.3 Module : dbrtl702.4 Type : EDatabase Error 2.5 Message: Row cannot be located for updating.

row cannot be located for updating delphi-32

Row cannot be located for updating delphi

Any server-side locks or cursor features used to create the recordset are freed up immediately.

Basically for a multi-user application where there is the possibility of multiple users may have overlapping/conflicting recordset updates, I think you save trouble by using Server-Side cursors instead of client side, as that way the server manages the conflict.

The main form of the application is using typical db Edit and db Navigation controls to add and edit records.

I have three machines, one setup as sql server and two computers running instances of the database application I'm developing.

MDB on the backend which is addressed using the data environment.

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