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And I understand that maybe at times i did over react and I accepted my flaws and wanted to fix things. I stayed friends with him cause i wanted to prove to him that I am a good person and i wanted to show him how strong my love for him is. He tried many times to stop because he knew it would only hurt me.

I just don't understand why he never told me any of that while we were together. I changed, I am more understanding, caring, compassionate. Okay so he says he doesn't love me anymore but he cares for me a lot that i changed him into a better person and he is the person he is right now because of me.

He said he saw her at the gym and he messaged her on twitter and they are just getting to know each other. So that day i decided to stop talking to him because it only hurts me to be friends while he talks to other girls...

a week later i gave in and texted him "I miss you" and he said "hey how you been I miss you too" we had a short convo and i asked about his new friend and he said " we still talk but nothing serious" ...maybe three days later he texts me saying "hey I have exciting news!! Then he texted me Saturday and Sunday (to let me know about football tryouts) we texted for a while sunday and he said "i am so happy because I am finding things about myself and we are in peace" I asked is she making you happy?

He was my first everything and i was sorta his first serious relationship as well.

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