Updating compaq presario drivers windows xp

by  |  18-Apr-2018 05:34

You must boot from the CD because you'll need to format the C: drive partition where Windows is installed on the hard drive.

If your computer is displaying a blue screen with white text, then you can proceed to step #2.

updating compaq presario drivers windows xp-57

Windows XP can also run on FAT32, but the NTFS file system is recommended because it is more stable.

You will receive a warning about formatting the drive unless t he drive is brand-new -Press “F” to confirm you know that you will be formatting the drive.

Your computer's “Boot Order” tells the computer which device to check first when starting the computer.

If your computer did not boot from the CD, you'll need to power on your computer and press either the F2 or F10 or Del key — depending on your computer — to display your computer's BIOS menu.

4 ) Once you have selected your main partition, press ENTER.

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