Who is b slade dating

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just snap out of it and you will be fine' but I know that even though that is a valid attitude to it. So here is my effort to simplify and demystify it for you Tonex Dear. Christ's coming near 'Let those who are married be as though they are not' Tonex, why don't you engage Jesus in an intense dialogue on this subject 'Lord, what must I do to not miss heaven? Posted by Sotiyo Hannah in Nigeria @ on Feb 15 2011You are really a blessing to your generation Tonex.

Like Prince, not all the Tonx puzzle pieces fit, and we are left gasping, wondering how to interpret his latest mystery.

Gay rumors have swirled around Tonx (if not Williams, the two being at times starkly different personalities) for years, but they seemed to have little if any effect on his exploding music career, which reached its zenith with the brilliant Out The Box.

Once you leave a door open, the enemy comes in and take all that he can and twists what we believe, just like how he told Adam he shall not surely die, but Adam did die 'spiritually' the devil had twisted the truth and it seemed right.

This song that Tonex you sang, Lord make me over, this is what you were fighting and beseeching God to change you, but you then choose to turn away.

Williams seems to revel in confounding Church Folk and, like Prince, at times seems to be charting his own course and at other times seems to be adrift, making things up as he goes along.

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